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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Sunday 21st July Atyrau

Day I'll remember for a while to come. Peter, Stephen and I went walking to find the famous windmill. We found one, pretty crappy old steel frame. Decided this was not the one we wanted so we carried out. 4 hours walking in 34deg C sun. Hot or waht. Anyway we found it. Took our photo and then a taxi for a well deserved lunch and possible cold beer.
We got the taxi and even got to a lovely little restaurant. Peter first and I followed at the counter. Off we went to sit down and we heard a loud noise, turning round we watched Stephen behind us collapsed to the floor.  Heat stroke/exhaustion. Mad rush to get him some water, check his head as he took quite a bump when landing. Someone ordered the local medics and next we knew, drips appeared and jabs etc etc.
We took him first to local hospital then onwards to the Company one. All in all a busy day. Suffice to say I could write a lot more but me too I'm tired....

Local Ambulance. Note spare wheel in top right hand corner

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