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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Thai New Year 13th April 2013

Yesterday was a Thai New Year which as you can imagine is a time for a lot of celebrations. Police out in full force this year to keep down drink driving. Major problem with youngsters running round of the little scooters etc. Death toll is horrendous at this time. Last year 26,000 people were killed on Thai roads. Making it the 6th highest in the world. So best to stay home around this time...

It is also a family time when all the family show respect and thanks to the elders of the family. In this case it was by the children of Wanna parents. Covering the 'Olds' with water, symbolic of life and it is believed that doing this will bring good luck and prosperity for the New Year. And it is a tradition which I've tried to capture on a small slide show. First up is spilling of some water on the foot of the Buddha statues and then on the parents. Kids love it as they get to play with lots of water, splashing and spraying everyone in sight!!!


Later we went to play snooker at a local play.  Good fun. Would you believe it I met another foreigner there who came from Norwich in Norfolk!!!  Small world.  Then came back home to do some netting of fish for dinner.  Caught a big Mekong Cat fish, one which we had put in there a year or so back. (It was much smaller then....) I can confirm it tasted good !!! 

All in all a very good day..
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