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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Back in Thailand

As you know my job folded and I with Wanna came back to Thailand to have a break and relax... Well me and relaxing do not seem to go together.  Bit like oil and vinegar salad dressing.  Keep them busy and all OK otherwise big settling out.
But life has moved on.  I will be going back to work in the future. When exactly is to be determined. So nee dot do something.  The long spoken about house extension is now back on the front burner.
We are going to dismantle Wanna's parents old timber framed building and use it to build our new house extension.
Old house is a standard typical wooden farm house here in Issan. The new version will not be.  I plan to use the frame and keep the inside 'open' and use the upstairs as a big sleeping room with bathroom and study. Sort of private get away area. Dismantling starts on 12th October. Lucky day. Will photo it of course.  Then transport hte frames and timbers to our place. Construction starts on 8th November.  Yes correct again Lucky Day to start....

I'll add a couple of videos one showing the old house in all its dilapidated glory and one the proposed area where it will go.
So now I have reason to Blog as well. Any comments please feel free...............
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