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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

UK In October

Its been a hectic few weeks, actually its been months since I last posted. Been spending the time as you know in Australia working to earn a crust and then just now had 10 days in Uk. Seemed I spent most of it on a plane. I went on a Thursday to UK and got there Friday night then back took 2 days via Dubai and changed planes in Singapore and Brisbane. Add up all the ‘real travel time I lost 3-4 days in transits.

Still it was worth it. Caught up with Sarah and Vivi along with Fed. Then also dad, Mother and Owen as well as Charlie and Jane. So well worth the trip.

Started off with a couple of days in London. Had dinner with the girls and Graham and other friends. Some small place in Camden. The following day spent going round Tottenham Court Road area to the design building and coffee shops. Even managed to look as some guitars...Also spotted one of those ‘Smart Cars’. They really are great. Cute more like. Not sure what Jeremy Clarkson from Top gear would say about them. Don’t think I want to know as it will surely disappoint me..Then we walked down one street and came across a food seller. Chatted away with him in Thai. He has been in Uk a few years but happy to chat away in Thai. Amazing.

Stayed in a hotel off Bayswater road so well positioned. Colette booked it. So thanks. Worked out well.

Then up to Thetford and catch up with the rest of the family. Dinner with Dad, Gulshen and my cousin Cary and husband Jasper. All good fun. Charlie and Lynnie joined us. Fantastic weather for a Bar B Q. Trip in the country and saw some pig farms. My favourite animals and they looked happy in the sun.

Day out with Mother to Diss. Auction was on but did not buy anything. No point how would I get it back here?....

Then back to Australia. I had planned to get across to Ireland and see my cousin Mary but Mother did not feel up to the flight and I was not going on my own so next time..

Dinner at Charlie and Lynnies. He had to show me his model Thai Boat with food on it. We ahd a good Thia dinner. All good, complete with chillies..
All good fun. Now back to work and I plan to enjoy Gladstone. Just need to let you all know what we’re up to.

Sure I've missed out lots of stuff to write about but just keen to get back on line. See you all soon.

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