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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Chinese New year? When where How. Well I missed it!

Chinese New year? When where How. Well I missed it!
All the Koreans from our Construction Companies had a day off and the site slowed down. I think they went off to Abu Dhabi to play golf and have a few glasses of rice wine and Korean food.
We, that's Deepak and he's one of our engineers.
We went off to the Al Ain Air Show.


As shows go it was OK. About 8,000 spectators turned up and it seemed the united nations were there and every nation you could mention had a presence. Very impressive. It also added to the atmosphere of the whole thing. There were some beautiful looking ladies mingling with the 'guiness bottles', you know the Arab ladies wearing the all covering long black cloth. That's how I describe them anyway! But everybody mixed in and the feeling of general harmony and sense of we're here to enjoy was palatable and indeed quite exceptional.

View Al Ain Air Show in a larger map
But all that said and done. and to be absolutely honest: one aeroplane looks very much like any other to me. I know some are jets and some are run using other stuff but you get my drift...So what to do reporting of such an event. I took some footage and this afternoon looked over it. So much blue sky and smoke! So I decided to attach one clip without to much editing. Its got the running commentary from the show. The pilot is without doubt a very very capable guy.
There were side attractions including simulated formula 1 racing cars, microlites, go karting, and believe it or not there was a Starbucks. Imagine an event with such a stall. Seems a bit strange, not having some local merchant doing the selling.
Fortunately it was a warm day , bit windy which I suspect helped to keep us from baking in the sun. Mind you it did not help those buying ice cream,
getting stuck in the que to return to the stadium. Tends to melt all over you!

Then you look at the security. The were Lady police. They to must have been hot. Strange sight to start with. All of them without exception tended to on the 'bulky' almost like it was part of the entry requirements. They also did not look the type of person to be messing with!!
We gave up at about 4.30pm. Well I did and went into Abu Dhabi for a quick look round. Quite busy with plenty of crazy driving. But that's a topic for another time.
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