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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Strike Out - Shopping Abu Dhabi

Friday came round again. Very quickly. But it came along with lots of rain and wet roads. So a miserable day.

We left Ruwais for Abu Dhabi about 7.30am. The early warning signs for a crap day were already apparent for all to see but we did not read the signs. The rain and then watching the resulting traffic accidents along the way.

I had earlier during the week though it a good idea to get to the shops good and early, give myself a day out and a bit of a treat maybe buy a toy or new guitar. Silly of me! On Fridays they do not open till mid day and even then

most open between 2-4 pm. So having discovered this only on arrival I concluded a fairly wasted trip. I had planned to look at a couple of toy shops for model planes and helicopters, then a quick look at what Abu Dhabi had to offer in the way of musical instruments specifically guitars.

First off was ‘My Hobbies’. Located near La Meridian Hotel… Well how near, close, was it to Le Meridian? We eventually tacked it down, so not so close. And it was shut! Well not exactly shut, just empty, so either they had relocated or closed down. No relocation address on the window so strike one!

Second was the music shop. Closed. We were way too early. Looking through the window it all looked as if they had some good stuff. Strike 2.

Follow this by going to Toy ‘R’ Us.

And indeed as the name states, full of toys but all except some fabulous bar-b-q’s, the rest were toys for real kids. You know babies and youngsters, and not adult toys. And I don’t mean sex toys! Those are not allowed in Abu Dhabi. Again a wasted journey.

So one more time to another set of shops to see if we get lucky. Went to Marine Mall. Lovely for shopping.

However again to early. It has an Apple shop with some good software but closed. Strike 3.

What else... Saw a lovely Hummer pickup truck. Fancied one of those!!!Bet the Hummer shop is closed on Fridays!!! And driving round we looked up at some of the buildings. The towers in the picture really are curved and wonderful shapes. Not down to my photography, it’s how they are.However good old reliable Carrefour was open.

So my trip to Abu Dhabi in the rain,

on a Friday was almost a complete waste of time. I went to places which, except the last, were all closed. I came back with some deodorant from Carrefour!!!! Some trip…

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