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Sunday, 6 June 2010

Bananas and Fish

We recently visited a tourist spot called Pattaya Floating Market. We had been when my Mother was over here a few years back, and I Blogged at the time so will repeat all the usual stuff! We have been back again several times but this time it was much more impressive and it was good to see it had developed and seemed to be going from strength to strength.
One stall was selling Bananas. I have never seen such a variety of Bananas. Yes in Seychelles I made a point of colleting as many different types as I could. And did well with over 20 types if my memory serves me right.
But here were not only a wide range 30 + but some so very different to anything I had seem before. Needless to say I have since bought new strains of Bananas and planted these in our garden.
Another new feature at the Market was a massage/foot cleaning. Not really sure what you should call it. You sit with your feet in a fish bowl. Yes a fish bowl. The fish nibble at your feet. I know and I thought the same thing!!! Ugh!!! It’s the initial reaction of nearly everyone me included. But once you get over the strange sensation it really is and surprisingly so, a super feeling and after the 20 minute session your remove your feet and they feel so soft and massaged. I don’t thing the fish take much from you but… It was really good. I’ll go again.
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