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Monday, 10 May 2010

Such is Life -Missing friends by a few Kilometers only!!!

I've got way behind in my Blog/Diary. But rather that let it slide I am going to keep it up adn also try adn back track so check older entries if you feel inclined.
Had the weekend at home in Pattaya. Checked my fishing 'aquaponics' system and did little else. Khun Pathan has phones twice, well I assume it was him on my mobile 'missed calls'. I was doing so little I was not even answering my Phone! He was the reason we went to Chang Mai last month. House warming etc. This is us, in a photo taken a few weeks back in Chang Mai.

He was phoning to tell us he was in Khon Kaen and wanted to visit us. Really bad luck. Wanna was back down in Pattaya with me. Both of us disappointed to miss them. Never mind next time.
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