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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

And we're off......

I set this Blog up following our leaving Karachi and arriving in Thailand. The old one with a name like 'Alan In Karachi' just did not fit into Thailand.
Well its about 6 months since we left Karachi, with I might add some regrets. In between leaving and starting work we’ve been sailing and generally holidaying etc. So I though this would be easy to set up. Well it is in so far as making the page and developing it. But what to write?
I’ve stared at a blank screen for about a month. We’ve done so much, seen so much and written nothing. We’ve been camping in some of the best northern areas, fantastic villages and tribes up there, been fishing, visited Wats, beach trips etc and still written nothing. I’ve even started work. Now back to reality.
Maybe that’s where I should start. You know we have a wide range of nationalities here and the main contractor is from Korea. They have some different cultures and habits to us and the first thing that hit me was in the toilets. Never before have I seen so many ‘in use’ tooth brushes!!! I hadn’t planned on starting my Blog with toilets but what the hell. Not much of a start to a Blog but it is a first posting so I’m off the blocks and running well more like stumbling along and hopefully moving forward. Believe you me it’s been a hard start!!!
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