A wise man once said....

A wise man once said
"When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new."
Dalai Lama

Saturday, 17 June 2017

The usual excuses but this time I've been busy......

Keep saying this is my last time I will write with such a long time between posts.

So much as happened but I do not record it as I used to. Suffice to say the usual statement follows "  I will try harder, for you the reader and for me for the memories...".  Think I've written similar words quite a few times recently.

Last week Jane arrived in Thailand.  She has planned to stay in our house in Rayong but I has asked her to first come up to Khon Kaen and have a few days to settle in then we took her down to Rayong. I should add the house in Rayong had been empty for about 12 months.  We had been down a month ago just to give it a clean.  But being next tot he road and beach it accumulates a lot of dust. Also we have a cat decided to use our rear balcony. Don't know who was more shocked us or the cat when we returned. I think he also decided to stay on...

So very busy time in Rayong.  First job was organisation, as we had finally managed to rent our 2 condos.  They had been empty for over a year.  Don't know why empty for so long but then we got a new agent and done deal.  Thank God. So spent a day running round to get them Internet and remove the stuff they did not want. We re"owned" an unused microwave, water kettle and odds and ends including a load of coat hangers....

Then to help Jane settle in we have a few bits and pieces to do and we also developed "Tour Guide" techniques showing her the various spots and local restaurants etc.

It's difficult when you move to a new place  and everyone says Oh its easy !!  Shops are here, restaurant is there etc etc. But this was different.  Jane is not planning on a few days but months. So,  so much more to advise.  Where to buy drinking water, replace the cooking gas cylinder, which market/shop is open when.  Where to buy this or that. Lots of stuff.  Add in that she is only now learning to use Thai words.  A big ask !!!!

But we did it.  Much to our amazement we had a very good and lucky time, all ran smoothly. Internet installation with new box etc was supposed to take a week but second day after paying deposit we were fully connected.

Jane got herself organised with a bicycle. So now able to go off exploring etc. Exciting times ahead for her. I suspect quite a head on experience for her as no doubt so much looked different and yet at the same time looked the same if you follow my drift. It was not helped by Wanna and I constantly proving a narrative or explanation on this or that. I know it would have done my head in !!!!!   But it all worked out good.  It is only by showing other people around you appreciate how much there is. Rayong is a great town. Love it.

Yesterday evening we  returned from 5 days in Rayong back home. On the way back we bought some avocado and durian trees for our garden. We had bought about 10 lime trees a few weeks back and have about 50 Pawpaw ready to be planted.  Busy few days coming up...

Crashed..... But only after checking on my home brew, setting up the bread maker and feeding the crays and pond fish. A mans work is never done !!!!!! (Don't let Wanna read this bit.)

 And its a beautiful morning for sure.

And today off to make more cheese and get back to my Guitar.

More news tomorrow.....  For sure....